Our Story

    We are missionaries at heart with a passion to follow Jesus into the world.  For most of our lives we have been wrestling questions of what it means to walk with Jesus, live out the gospel and make disciples. Through experiences in missions, local church ministry, close friendships, and day to day relationships in our neighborhoods, God has bent our hearts toward helping the church flourish in Her call to make disciples and to be an authentic expression of God’s mission in the world. After nearly ten years of full time ministry God began to birth something new in us.  With a deep love for Jesus, the church and the world, we began exploring the idea of a community that would immerse itself in the immediate needs of a neighborhood. We wondered, “What would it be like for this community to be a place of transformation both for our neighbors and those following Jesus in loving their neighbor?” So, in 2011 we moved into the Gifford Park neighborhood in Omaha, NE to give it a try.

    After some mistakes, some victories and a lot of new learnings, we founded Rooted Way in 2016 to be a place for people who want more than meetings and ideas when it comes to following Jesus.  It’s a community of holistic formation and missional development for the Church that exists to help people live out their Kingdom purpose in real time and in real places. We are committed to development in every aspect of our lives, but what makes us unique is how we root spiritual formation and missional living in specific geographical locations.  Our community is located within an active neighborhood where people can come to explore and experience God’s Kingdom coming in a place.  We also love to dive into the unique contexts of individuals and groups as they work to tangibly express Jesus’ love, hope and power in their neighborhoods. Rooted Way grows out of our own deep longing for unity with God, our hunger for connection to others in community, our hope for a holistic and integrated life, and our yearning to align our life’s purpose with the mission of God.  We want nothing less than these things for anyone who chooses to join us.

Along for the ride, we have 3 children, Norah, Brennen, and Lachlan. As a family we enjoy living local, being silly, caring for our beloved chickens, and pursuing a life of holistic health.