We are committed to the flourishing of Gifford Park by creating spaces where people can experience each other, the joy of being known and the tangible love, hope and power of Jesus.


In their book The New Parish Paul Sparks, Dwight Friesen and Tim Soerens define “Parish” as a place that is large enough to live your life, but small enough to be a known character.  Our Parish is in the heart of Omaha and encompasses the historic neighborhoods of Gifford Park, Joslyn Castle, and Leavenworth.  While the majority of our ministry happens in Gifford Park, this is the area where we do most of our shopping, dining, playing, working, living and contending.  If you’re considering being a part of our apprenticeship, looking for a sweet place to live or just curious about the context of our learning and contending, we offer you this “virtual tour” of the place that has become near and dear to our hearts.

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Unique Food and Hang Out Space
Local Goodness with a Cause!
Food & Shopping
Gifford Park Welcomes Refugees
School for Refugees In Gifford Park
Space for Holistic Healing& Classes
Community Bike Project
Neighborhood based Urban Farming

These locations are just the tip of the ice when it comes to having places to go and be in Gifford Park and our surrounding Parish. This neighborhood is committed to being a group of people who are involved in each others lives and doing whatever we can to support one another despite any cultural differences. To say that we love our place is an understatement. We are so proud to call this place home and share life with our neighbors.

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