Learning Labs

These learning labs are hosted through the partnership of Rooted Way and Thresholds

Community, Chaos and Conflict Transformation

Most people believe that community is a good thing and long for authentic, life-giving relationships.  But what do you do when tensions flare?  How do you navigate disagreements and competing perspectives?  How do you deal with unmet expectations and poor communication? Drawing from leading conflict transformation experts as well as years of experience in intentional community, this one day learning lab offers a model for deepening community relationships, walking through conflict, identifying communication challenges and exposing common myths of community.  Participants will be inspired to deepen relationships in community, come away with a realistic view of community and what it takes to grow it, and filled with hope to persevere!


The Postures of Place Making

Is it possible that posture can change how you feel and how others experience you?  Research says yes.  Our posture as missionaries in our context is no different.  This half day learning lab is an introduction to the language and concepts of Postures of Place Making (Affectionately called "missional yoga") where we explore the nature, purpose and possibilities of being formed as people who postures themselves to Listen, Submerge, Invite, Contend, Imagine and Entrust.

Life Compass

"In order to get where you are going, you must first know where you have been”


Life Compass is an intimate exploration of your story.  Over 2.5 days, you will have space to listen to your life.  Alongside coaches, you will explore your past, your desires, your personality, your values and your vision.  Together these elements form a “compass” to help you discover vocation and navigate life from a place of authentic self-awareness.  We believe that God has been with you, has made you with an individual purpose and that by looking at your past-even the hard, messy, dark parts-you can gain direction for your future.

Ennegram Edge

One of the most powerful tools we've utilized to help people grow and become their best selves is the Enneagram. The Enneagram helps us discover our deepest longings and core motivations, our unique strengths and our core vulnerabilities. But it goes beyond that; it enables us to see how we’re doing in real time. Are we healthy and growing or are we struggling? The Enneagram offers a powerful window into our personal development, how we see the world, and how we can best interact with it.

The Enneagram Edge is a weekend learning lab that’s made up of four workshops (Foundations, Dynamics, Relationships and Spirituality), generally offered on Friday evening and all day Saturday. You can participate in 1, 2, 3, or all 4 workshops; it’s up to you and what you want to learn.

Neighborhood Ecology

In an ecological system, every plant, animal, bacteria and natural habitat is influenced by the others.  Removing or adding to the ecosystem impacts every other aspects of the system-sometimes with disastrous results!  In this one day Learning Lab, you will learn how to become a local expert of your neighborhood’s “ecology”.  As you follow God’s lead in your neighborhood and become a student of your place, you will minimize the risk of destroying critical parts of the “local ecology” while imagining redemptive ways to partner with God’s work of redeeming and reconciling the broken places…so that your neighborhood can be awakened to hear, see and respond to the movement of God in Jesus.

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