Our 12 month apprenticeship is our most intense formational and developmental experience.  Learn with us in the classroom of our neighborhood, join the rhythms of our community, experience coaching, be formed in the foundational practices and theology of Rooted Way.



"Our apprenticeship with Eric and Lisa came at a perfect time as we were coming out a season of hurt and feeling lost, but yet knowing we had a yearning to expand on living our faith out in some capacity. We believe that while there was much we learned while living life with them, the most prominent thing we learned was the depth of impact on ones life there is when you're willing to rub shoulders with your community and meet their needs while living in the culture. Our lives, personally, we quite impacted living life with the Purcell's as we healed in MANY ways! From the loss of a baby, doors slamming on our faces from various pursuits and growing in our marriage, Eric and Lisa were there to encourage us to learn, grow and heal. All the while encouraging us to let our Creator continue to mold us."

  -Jared and Anna Landt

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