Eric Purcell-Coach, Trainer, Missiologist and Rooted Way Co-Founder

    The son of missionaries to Mexico, I have been wrestling with missiological questions and responding to a missionary call since I was 15.  My heart longs to be a change agent in the way the Church follows Jesus and participates in God’s mission.

     I love to walk alongside leaders helping them stay grounded,  deepen their intimacy with Jesus and maximize their impact in the world.  I come alive helping people imagine and explore their calling, coaching them as they create and catalyze new ways to live into God’s mission, and inspiring the Church to live faithfully as a missionary people.

Lisa Purcell-Coach and Rooted Way Co-Founder

    Life as a disciple can be challenging.  It is one of my greatest joys to help people “get back in the game” after burnout or seasons of living outside of their purpose.  


    I love walking with people on their journeys of discovery and helping people to find their place in Christ’s Body.   My heart stirs for the Church, the Bride of Christ to come alive as Jesus has enabled Her.    

   I want to see the people of God empowered to live life in a way that fully embraces all aspects of being a disciple.


   I love helping people hear Gods voice, see themselves unveiled with the gifts God has given them, connecting their hearts and minds with the call that God has for them, and awakening them to the movement of God within their immediate place.


Megan Sperry- Coach and Director of Story Telling and Enrollment
Brandon Sperry-Coach

    As a coach, I assume the role of guide; whom God uses to speak into and cultivate his people. At first my relationship with God was based on me acting perfect and always doing the right thing. When I discovered a way to listen to His voice and be formed by Him my whole way of being changed.

    As a result, I love helping people connect with that same voice. I want to see people discovering the fullness of who God made them to be, learn to respond to His leadings, and listen in the places in which they live to carry out Gods plans.